Here is a short description of your web site, or in this case, this template. Solemnity is a clean, calm template that makes uses of muted colours to exhude an air of professionalism. The template was conceived and created by Six Shooter Media in June, 2006. You can, of course take this template and change it as you see fit design-wise. It's up to you! But please leave a credit in the footer!


Hello and welcome to Solemnity, a clean, corporate template created by Six Shooter Media. A fairly standard template which, as with all of my templates, should be usable with whatever your site subject might be.

About the Author

Hi! My names Jay and I'm a 20 year old web designer from England. My main projects are conducted through my website Six Shooter Media, but I (obviously) also enjoy creating Open Source web templates for general use! You can keep a check on my free templates here which is probably a link worth bookmarking as my templates appear there a couple of weeks before OWD/OSWD due to the design queues.



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